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Scotland has a profound affinity for Italian cuisine, which has become an integral part of the culinary landscape. The love for Italian food in Scotland is attributed to many factors & the popularity of Italian cuisine in Scotland extends beyond just the flavours. It’s also about the welcoming ambience, emphasis on fresh ingredients and the ability to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

Overall, Scotland’s fondness for Italian cuisine continues to grow, reflecting deep appreciation for the rich, diverse flavours offered by Italian culinary traditions.
We hope you find this appreciation; the use of fresh ingredients and variety is reflected in our Menus available here at Sannio Italian Restaurant and Bar in Glasgow. Please click on the menu name to view or download our menus today and click ‘Book a Table’ if you like what you see and you can’t wait to join us.  
Please note that, Festive Menu is the only menu available menu between 20th of November to 10th of January.
Our usual Kids Menu available 12 months / 365 days a year, including in the month of December.
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